Audacity of Faith
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Multiple Awards Winning.

Audacity of Faith is the story of woman who survived against all odds after being diagnosed with polio as a child in the early 1960s. Failing to find treatment options in East Pakistan, her family would ultimately find hope in China where acupuncture treatment and nine months in a body cast make her capable enough to walk. Still her challenges in the world had only just begun. Having been denied admission into schools for “normal” children, she was home-schooled until the 10th grade. She was always the odd woman out being the only disabled person in her college in Pakistan. Even after graduating, she would find that no one would hire her because of her disability. Marriage for her also became a trial of acceptance in a society that looks down upon a person with a disability marrying someone who is able-bodied. Despite these challenges, she never lost hope. Her determination, her parents’ and family support, and her husband’s devotion helped her overcome not only her disability, but also defy cultural stereotypes by not letting her disability define her or limit her accomplishments. She became the first female disc jockey in Pakistan and used that pulpit to inspire and entertain children with disabilities. She later became a restaurant manager in Pakistan. Family pressures would ultimately drive her and her husband out of Pakistan to America where today she leads an independent life in New York City. Here she would experience an entirely different world for people with disabilitiesand gain the acceptance and accommodation she craved from her own countrymen.