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“Cubicles” got nominated for best director in Queens world film festival New york in 2016

“Cubicles” depicts the issue of child labor escalating due to poverty, lack of education, unavailability of government support and so on.
In developing countries young children, who should be playing and going to school, are carrying work tools in their hands instead. Parents with little money or education have no other option available. They unwillingly have to send their kids to work in abusive environments. Work burden is beyond these kids’ physical capacity. They usually work twelve (12) hours a day for very low wages.
Young children have to take on adult like responsibilities for their families. Their innocent brains are always thinking of whether or not their earnings will be enough to keep their families from starving. Being impoverished and having little financial resources; kids are forced to become part of the labor force to acquire the basic needs of life and more importantly, food.
They fantasize of going to school and having a comfortable life. However, they do not have time to be playful. Instead they must face harsh and cruel realities. Due to child labor, kids feel oppressed; they lack the right to attend school and cannot accomplish their dreams. Since they must tolerate social and physical abuse; their self-esteem is severely damaged.
Unfortunately, this vicious circle of poverty doesn’t let them get out of the CUBES. They are entrapped.